Bits and blabs and song ideas I've written in my phone, journals, or wherever. Eventually I'll write some new ones here


I'm a straight shootin 20 somethin' son of a gun

If I were you I wouldn't tell me what to do but

If you must


Can't love you that way

Love you all the same


I'm at home

On my phone

In a tree

Feelin free


I picked you flowers from Missouri prairies

but M I S S ain't quite Mississippi

You found me under the sunroof blessing

the moon and your heart

I'll take the oldest olds and the brandest news

Lets each give half the work then lets take a snooze

I'd never seen a reflection like in your eyes

I'd pay gold for your lullabies


Got a feeling I can't prove

Like I'm missing something

Like a fraud without a clue

I just sit here wondering


It's not a test or a way of healing

it's just what we do

To conscious for what we're feeling

you gotta get up and move


Heel on the gas

Pedal to the floor

Wheels spinnin fast

Keep away from the badge

Never made it past the garage door


When nobody seems to care

You get lost in your own story

Turn the page and see we're all there

You can't make up your own ending

I see what you see

You just put it together

In the wrong order

Just stop thinking

When it all works out in cycles

There's no winning


There's a song

In my soul

If it were sung

I swear we would all be whole

But it's just enough for me

Just a melody


If I asked what's the cause of all this runnin'

You'd deny deny deny my lovin'

Deny deny deny having ever known me


How much time have I

Lost lookin at my phone

Wake up from watching videos

Waste away with the radio waves


There should be a test that lets us know

What you have to gain

I want to know what you come from

I want to know who knows your name


The smoke in your mouth kissing the pizza grease in mine


I have a house but am without a home

I'm trapped between 2 men I don't don't know

One I did, and one I'll grow



What's in your thoughts?

I know something about you

and it makes me want to call the cops

And i ain't no narc


If you didn't get the message

I feel fine

If I ignore the muscles

Straining under my hunched spine


If I hated you

You wouldn't know it

And if I loved you

I wouldn't show it

Cuz I'm a coward

And I'm a lunatic

I feel everything

I just never learned expression


but i won't show it

But if I hated you

You still wouldn't know it

Cuz I'm a coward

And I'm a lunatic

For you

So if I don't ask you out

Come help me out

I'll be writing these songs

till you kiss my mouth

I looove you

But I won't show it

But if I hated you

You still wouldn't know it

Cuz I'm a coward

And I'm a lunatic

For you


When I die, I don't want to die

I want to eat shit and die

Go out in a blaze of glory

My legs underground

My head flying though the sky!


I had too much to drink last night

it was a lot

I had 1 2

3 4 5 6 7

18 shots


Could you tell I got a few hats

Now tell me where the

Short bill, puff ball, Dresser tag, with the mesh is at


I've convinced myself the background is the background only

Things I didn't notice

Just out of focus


Always thinking bout the mice in the basement


I wish you could hear it

It was alright

But someone stole my laptop from my truck at pride


Everything I could possibly say is already in your brain

The question is just how I say it

My inflection, word selection, if I show aggression of I'm tame


I was a last gasping sputter in the final shit of life


You're my kinda cupid with your ass big and round

You leave me feeling stupid with my pants on the ground


I've got adderall limp dick

I'll not cum at all my dicks sick


They say they want me back

I let that door swing latched

Crack it hit as it shut

Floor wet with blood and lust

Fuss for your medicine

Rinse down amphetamine

Killing him with fast beats

the heart overheats

meet new folks not lately


There's something more human in a hand than in a skull


As we see the world behind your eyes,

Tell us the last thing on your mind


Ketchup all over my headphones

If I were you I'd wipe them off

But you just stick them in


I could stand here in your defense

Save you from certain death

But I really have to piss


Cigarette butt

Crack pipe


A figure 8


The flies buzzing emulate human voices

If only I knew what they were saying

Or if I had one choice less

Between listening to them and listening to the tv screen


I keep burning my mouth

So blood keeps coming out

Every time I brush my teeth


There are too many lyrics about cracked sidewalks

because everyone's looking down all the time.

Here I am looking down...


I am a stoner on marijuana, with a boner,

ruthlessly search the kitchen cabinets

for some more damn chips


I hate mirrors

I can't stop looking at myself

It's looking into a reflection of hell

Somehow it helps


I put down the phone

And picked up a forest beneath my feet


Stone turns to sand

Sand melts to glass

How ironic, that a pebble would shatter this window


Brush my teeth already 2 minutes late

Burst out the door supersonic

Mouth half covered in toothpaste

Makes this Monster taste

Like Vomit


I push the alarm clock further back in time

It's a bandaid

waking is still a paper cut chased with lime


I don't wanna be a Christmas card family


I got a cigarette in my headphones


We ate rabbit for our Easter meal


"I got too high and didn't turn my online assignment in on time"


Man I need an upper

To get this out in time

Dad says they're illegal

Mom says they'll melt my-

Mind your own business


I intercepted an answer to a prayer


I took a little bit of each pill I found in my house and didn't feel nothin

From the beard on my toes to the nails on my chin


I swear I could scream

I swear I could get punched out and not feel a thing

I should be moving

I should be moving

I want to convey some general feeling of liberation

Like the one I feel when I'm driving

75 on a backroad

I hope you feel me

I hope you feel me


There it goes

The little momentum I had out the door

And I'm driving 30

         _    _ __  
        | |_ | '_ \ 
        |  _|| .__/ 
_____   _\__||_|__

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