TreeProphet's Outgoing Mail


Has your old pal 'dusty' been in town lately? I saw a few of his graffiti tags in the park today that i don't remember seeing.


As a fellow Roman Catholic teen, and Kairos attendee, I felt obliged to reply to your commentary on your own Kairos letter.

I think we naturally make up narratives about our past selves that try to make sense with where we are today. If you want to distance yourself from your past, you're more likely to create a narrative that reflects that. If you still relate to your home-life, you're more likely to craft a story that connects you to that past.

For what it's worth, I think the person who wrote that letter- in that moment- knew the kind of life they wanted to live, while also leaving room for growth and transformation. Dogma aside(I know how infatuating Kairos can be), I think that's very admirable.