The days of this week swirl together in my mind like the blue dye blotched on my hands in anxious dreams of late. pump p u u u m m p squeeze squeeze splat Racing around my head, searching for the name or solution, but all I can find is ththtwub click cunk ... thththwububub ththwubureeeee ree At 5:30 fa fa lidida fa fa lidida ladaditdo tralalado falaladida I open my eyes confused, and at 5:45 I convince myself that the blaring alarm is a false flag. At 5:50, I groan. Boots soaked in mud snow go squish squish. The boots smell now. Hope I don't get lymphatic cancer in my 40s, thinking about buying a chainsaw with my stimulus check, resisting the urge to buy cardboard crack after work, hope harley finds something to do with his mouth