Big day at the killing time factory, a far cry from the end of last week: doing good in front of the bossman, licking his feet and setting a flame to the fuse of a rocket that could shoot me down a new destiny. Took the weekend to back away- back towards freedom- the mall and lions choice are Statues of Liberty for both me and my pal who catch up over a breakup and the sugar lining my pockets. Still doesn't look me straight in the eye, still talks about his mind like you talk about the godfather. Bless a boy that has no heart left for himself, give him time and space. Pickup fresh checkered vans and call the queen, following me every which way around town, to the park. New brains swerve around on two wheels. My rusty ass can still jump on four. Passing a pipe back and forth with myself, cleaning up some parenting acts and wiping down surfaces.