Do you challenge yourself to do the right thing?

Do you put yourself in situations where you might fail?

Do you reflect enough to identify your mistakes, even in situations where you felt you were wronged?

If a complex situation arose, would you do what serves you, or what serves the greater good?

If you got a pet camel from your dead uncle, would you let your friends ride it?

If your uncle's last will and testament said, "And my prized camel, I give to [your name here], under the condition that they never allow anyone ride it other than themself," would you honor your uncle's wishes?

If the camel spoke to you in a human voice, and told you that it would really love to be ridden by a bunch of different people and get to know them, would you still honor your uncle's wishes?

Ok, but THEN you find out that with each different person the camel carries, its power grows- to what end you don't know- but it's definitely growing more powerful. Would you stop letting people ride it?

Then the camel promises (in a human voice) to use its power for good. Do you trust it?

I guess what I'm really asking is: If your pet camel uses its power to bring your dead uncle back to life, would you be worried about that?

Asking for a friend...