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 /   .-.             _.-' \;.-'
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Yeah I like to play magic the gathering

treeprophet's Magic the Gathering Shopping List

I began playing magic in the spring of 2020 when the creator of *this very website* gave my friends a big box of cards leftover from drafts or something. We made janky 60 card decks; my original gruul ramp deck is still alive, now evolved into something a little better.

A year later, and I have invested more time and money into magic than any of my other hobbies.

It consumes me


Siona's Simps

My first completed commander deck, made mostly from that first box of cards during quarantine. After some easy improvements, it's pretty good, and still under $20. Pretty proud of this lil thing

Every time Siona casts an Aura, one more white guy shows up in her replies...

Korvold's Food, Clues, Doubloons, and Dudes

My first idea for a commander deck, which I built over the course 6 months or so. Now, in January, I'm just getting the last of my cards for it. The original idea was to control with creature removal until I can eventually out-swarm the opponent or burn them with fling-type effects. While I think it's good at doing that, it just so happens that Pitiless Plunderer with Summoning Station can go infinite very easily. So that's an alternate strategy if I happen to pull the right stuff.

Animar's Herd

Some guy at the card shop recently told me this was the "traditional" way to build an Animar deck, so I guess I won't claim any originality with this one. It's just a bunch of mana dorks and big beefy colorless guys that I can eventually cast for free. A few utility spells mixed in, but this thing is at least 50% creatures, wow!

the making of animar

60-card whatever

Gruul Brew

This thing's the oldest, simplest, and least cohesive deck here. An evolved form of my original 60-card gruul jank-fest, that beginner-level feel is still there(and probably always will be). Forever a work-in-progress, but for now, just try to get Beanstalk Giant out and swing big.

Orzhov Bloodsuck

Built maybe a few days before Siona, this was also just built from cards I already had. Is by no means optimized, but it can be extremely annoying to play against with the lifelink/curse stuff going on.

Food World

Same time period as Siona & Bloodsuck. Cards I already had yada yada Food shenanigans. Not very good.

Chandra Stuff

1/18/21 My first mono-color deck. I may never design a 60 card deck on archideckt like I do with commander. But its ok- it feels more pure building from cards you already have. Admittedly, this is little more than a super-mashup of 2 Chandra, Flame's Catalyst pre-cons, but I did make some upgrades- including most of the burn spells.

Decks in Progress

Elemental Pals

One of my favorite things about commander (and magic in general) is how very bad decks can still win against good decks if the matchup is right. I might eventually start a dedicated page for this, but for now:

Irini Sengir


Siona, Captain of the Pyleas

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